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CULTURE  2017.02.5

On the 8th of June 2016, Chiepomme made her indie debut! Today we will introduce you to the popular yumekawa kei producer who creates fluffy, meruhen, and elaborate music


Chiepomme’s Album 『star-go-round』

【Youtube】chiepomme Indies Debut Album ”star-go-round” trailer♪ artwork: Chikuwa Mieru( )


star-go-round 【初回生産分:デジパック仕様】
さいはてレコーズ (2016-06-08)
chiepomme Indies Debut Album



Who Is Chiepomme?

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Chiepomme was a vocaloid & UTAU producer under the name ChieP, and is now a singer-songwriter and game programmer, who is super popular with yumekawa fans♪

She is popular for her sparkly pikopiko style, sugary sweet voice, and whimsical fantasy-like sound ♡

She also distributes her music at Comitia events ♪


Official Site:


Nico Nico Douga Playlist:ちえPの曲リスト


You Can Listen to chiepomme’s Music on her Official Homepage

Chiepomme’s music can be found here ⇒

Tea Time Friends, Peluche de l’Âme, starholic, twins’ reveries, ephemerality, acute, star recreation, shadowy chamber, and little birds flying over the stars are just some of the album songs you can listen to♪♪


 Here is a playlist with over 100 songs by chiepomme↑↑