Within Japan there are four stations with the “Love” (恋) kanji in their name ♡

Will you love come true if you visit these stations!?♡

Introducing Bokoi Station, Koishihama Station, Koigakubo Station, and Koiyamagata Station☆


Chizu Express’s Koiyamagata Station

The station is covered in adorable pink hearts ♡You can take lovey dovey photos with friends or that special someone♡It isn’t located in Yamagata, but in Tottori Prefecture!

Check out the “恋山形駅” hashtag on Instagram♡

Official Homepage:

恋がかなう駅 恋山形駅(Your love will come true – Koiyamagata Station)

Send a love letter♪Koiyamagata’s “Love Post”♡

恋山形駅リニューアル4周年記念イベント 日本海新聞

(Koiyamagata Station Renewal 4th Anniversary Event  Nihonkai Newspaper)


JR Line Bokoi Station

The platform tickets are a highly sought after mother’s day gift, and the onigiri ekiben is hidden inside a large clam shell – with the kanji for “mother” in the name, it’s a super popular station ♡

母恋駅の駅弁「母恋めし」を食べてみた!@北海道室蘭市 Hokkaido Muroran surf clam Bento (We tried Bokoi Stations Ekiben! @ Muroran City, Hokkaido)

JR北海道 母恋駅☆ (JR Hokkaido Bokoi Station) ☆ We love the vintage aesthetic♪


Sanriku Railway’s Koishihama Station

This station is covered in scallop shell “Ema” or small wooden plaques with prayers written on them♡

恋愛成就!? 岩手県 三陸鉄道南リアス線 恋し浜駅 (Fulfilled Love!? Iwate Prefecture’s Sanriku Railway, Rias Line Koishihama Station)

恋し浜駅 「ホタテ貝の絵馬掛け」と「幸せの鐘」(Koishihama Station “Ema paintings” and Happy Bell”)

三陸鉄道・恋し浜駅/幸せの鐘の音(Sanriku Railway・Koishihama Station/ The sound of the Happy Bell)


Seibu Railway’s Koigakubo Station

The “Love” station in Tokyo, Kokubunji’s Koigakubo Station ♡


Let’s go on a retro style Girls Rainway Trip♡

1970s and 1980s Japan, it was fashionable for girls around college age to grab a backpack and go travelling with their sisters or friends! They would stay at youth hostels for young girls and travel on a low budget. A railroad trip to Hokkaido was a popular choice ♡

Ask your mother or grandma – They might have done this when they were young♪

Go on a nostalgic, romantic trip to these stations to take lots of fancy pictures! If you’re into photogenic kawaii scenery, we recommend this ☆