Lafary Renewal OPEN♡!

July the 7th is the special day when Orihime and Hokiboshi can meet each year…


On this romantic Tanabata, where dreams and wishes are overflowing, we’re wishing to become a brand loved by girls all over the world♡ Starting with a Website Renewal♡

Our dreamy, fairytale-like theme is based on our motto, “The Kawaii Guidebook.” It looks like a yumekawa book…!♡ You can turn the page like a picture book! You can also jump to different articles using your keyboard♡

Large Fantasy Story -episode 1-『DREAM』

Box Design: Yesteryear

In August, the exclusive Lafary StoryBox will be released ♡

To read about the Story Box, click here ♡▽

《Dream》New Release♡「Ribbon Princess」Contest! 7/3〜♡

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Large Fantasy Story -episode 1-『DREAM』

On the “Monogatari(ものがたり)” page you can read all of Lafary’s original articles ♡ Our story features adorable artwork by Yesteryear, whose goods you can buy on the Lafary Shop

♡Large Fantasy Story – episode 1 – 《DREAM》♡


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