We are releasing this adorable Lafary original item, the “Dream” hair ribbon ♡ They were produced with help from @Kawaii∞Funding, a new company owned by, who are well known for their lolita store Wunderwelt.

Lafary Story Box Volume.1

The “Dream” ribbon comes inside an adorable “Lafary Story Box” which is based off of Lafary’s catchphrase “The kawaii guidebook”~ It looks like a kawaii storybook!♡

Lafary Story Box : ¥3980 (Ribbon・Box Set)

※This is a sample image, the official product size is A5

The inside features an adorable Lafary original illustration♡ (Illustrator: Yesteryear)

We will be releasing the 2nd and 3rd Story Boxes containing original items soon, so look forwards to it♡♬

Reservations start in late July!

They will be available to reserve on the official Lafary Shop from late July♡ (shipping begins in August) If you reserve the Story Box, you will also receive a free tote bag as a bonus♡

You can find information and regular updates on the Lafary Twitter page♪♡

♡DMM.yell「Ribbon Contest」Announcement

To celebrate the release of the Dream Ribbon, we will be holding the “Ribbon Princess Contest” via DMM.yell to find a Lafary image girl ♡

*What is DMM.yell?

DMM.yell is an application service where celebrities and their fans can connect and you can send your favourite artists “YELLS” to show your support. Not only idols and celebrities can participate – regular girls can too!

*Ribbon Princess Details

Participants can enter a photo of them wearing Lafarys ribbon♡ The voting period is between July 3rd until July 17th and the girl with the highest amount of YELLs will be the winner! The official Ribbon Princesses will appear on our site in the future♡♪Make sure to send YELL’s to your favourite entries♡The voting page is here




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