The new limited edition Ice Cream Candy shaped lip tint from the Korean brand Etude House is perfect for this summer☆

So cute you’ll want to eat it! You can use the lip tint on your lips then display it in your bedroom♥ It’s been a huge hit on Instagram♪

エチュードハウスのアイスキャンディーDear Darling Water Gel Tint

Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

There are 6 colours to choose from♡


Colours: 6 available (Azuki Bar, Peach Bar, Jewel Bar, Apricot Bar, Shark Red Bar, and Watermelon Bar)

Weight: 4.5g

Prince: 756円 (Incl. tax)

Release Date: 4th of August 2017

     ※Limited Release

A Fresh and airy texture

When applying, it naturally fills the vertical creases in your lips. The colour is refreshing and shiny☆

It contains fruit ingredients which leave your lips soft and moisurised~

The tint contains soapberry extract*  which hydrates the lips and protects them from drying. It leaves your lips feeling fuller and bouncy!

*Sapindus Fruit Extract

The ice cream motifs are perfect for summer~

The ice cream shaped packaging has a sweet feeling, and the fruity scent matches perfectly ♥

The light colours spread and melt onto your lips, leaving your lips feeling cute and refreshed!

Online Shop:

Instagram: etudehouse_jp

Twitter @etudejapan (JP)



The world’s most popular colour is PK006♡This jewel colour leaves your lips sparkling♪




What colour do you like♡Check out this Ice Cream Tint review☆

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