From Taiwan♡ Street Casual Brand “Mary Jane Nite” Combines Fetish and Yamikawa♡

ENGLISH  2017.07.5

Introducing the neo-street brand from Taiwan, Mary Jane Nite ♡


This coord is super on-trend with the rose embroidery and oversized sweater~ It has been coordinated with a tennis skirt to add a delicate feeling♪


The embroidery is so cute!

【MaryJaneNite】Rose Sweater (Black・XXL Size)7,560円

Wear this super-oversized sweater for an extreme silhouette!


Girls can wear this pastel pink “Princess” hoodie, while boys can wear the black “Prince” version to make an adorable matching coordinate♥

The layered appearance of the waist really stands out!

What is Mary Jane Nite?

Mary Jane Nite is a subcul street brand which has become popular in L.A, China, and Japan☆ It’s become a hit with Harajuku girls, even holding a week-limited popup shop in Laforet back in June 2017♪

The brand originates from a dream and a crazy idea in a small Taiwanese apartment. In 2013, brand director Kaikai and a friend decided to follow that dream and start their street style brand☆


They make streetwear for everyday use, such as sweaters, hoodies, tshirts, underwear, ladies & mens knit items, small accessories, and various other items, inspired by street fashion from around the world.

There are also Tokyo limited items which can be ordered online via the Village Vanguard website♪

Mary Jane Nite’s 2017 Collection♡

Mary Jane Nite is a Taiwanese street fashion brand with a unique world view, combining edgy designs with dark humour. The director Kaikai produces a fresh style which isn’t too mode, or too casual.

From yamikawa kanji, katakana, and English quotes, to underpants with the Ukiyoe Great Wave, to pastel tank tops with ramen prints, sailor collar dresses, and SM accessories…

They carry a wide variety of styles including Harajuku & Shibuya style・Yumekawa China・Yamikawa・80s&90s Retro・Pastel Goth・Sporty Casual・Club・Neo Street… there is so much to choose from☆

💖Pink set See more at 📲

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Couple sweatshirts or nah? OUJI SAMA and 👑HIME SAMA HOODIE. 📲 📸 by @maryjanenite

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🉐Everyone's happy to own our SAD sweatshirt!😂Get one📲

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😥SAD sweatshirt available in Black / Pink 📲

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Fly with us. 🦄SAD aesthetic got wings, pink wings. 🉐

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We don't wanna go either. Avoid life adorably. DOGGY BLANKET. 🐶✨ 🉐

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