Introducing some of the cutest girly style white dresses for the summer – they’re all around ¥3000♪


We’ll show you some of the cutest white dresses from Shibuya and Harajuku’s low-cost brands – ANAP, Achicgirl, E hyphen world gallery, and Yumetenbou☆

If you click on the amazon link, you can see more pictures of the items including models coordinated shots!


The popular Harajuku/Shibuya brand clelbrates it’s 25th anniversary this this year! You can find a wide variety of styles from their sub-brands, Alluge, Latina, and CHILLE; Street casual, sporty girly, mature kawaii casual, overseas celebrity fashion, and more!! Their low-cost items range from 3000-4000en♪




E hyphen world gallery☆

E hyphen world gallery’s 2017 summer white dresses feature chiffon, lace, tulle, and more! Their cute and mature dresses are perfect for an Ofero coord♡

. . ❤️E hyphen world gallery CIRCUS × 加藤ナナ❤️ . 第6弾は加藤ナナちゃんとのコラボレーションアイテム❣️ 詳細はTOP PAGEのURLをチェック✔️ . 👉レースオフショルブラウス♡ 👉シアーフラワースカート♡ レースはさりげなくハート柄💓 これからの季節にぴったりな シアーフラワースカートとも相性抜群🙆 「超十代 -ULTRA TEENS FES-」でもナナちゃん本人が 着用してくれていました💫 . 28172A20000 #ehNana レースオフショルブラウス color:white size:F ¥6,000+税 . 28172L20000 #ehNana シアーフラワースカート color:blue size:F ¥7,000+税 . 4/22(sut)22:00〜ストライプクラブにて先行発売開始、 4/23(sun)〜店頭販売開始❕ . #ehyphenworldgallery #ehwg #ehwgNana #circus #イーハイフン #イーハイフンワールドギャラリー #加藤ナナ

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Yumetenbou is a hugely popular low-cost brand; their elegant girly brand mon Lily and the Sweet kei brand DEAR MY LOVE are super popular with yumekawa and lolita fans! This summer they have a huge lineup of cute, white dresses to fit any style☆



Focusing on online stores such as amazon, Achicgirl is an American and Hong Kong based brand which started in 2016! They add over 100 trendy items to their shop every week♪

There are so many cute, feminine summer dresses available for only ¥3000~!