Yumekawa cosmetics 2017

Today we’ll introduce you to the hottest, dreamist cosmetics that you can find this Summer☆


Pastel Trio Eyeshadow

The ever-popular “Eyenuance” palette can even be used by beginners☆

This round, crystal-like compact contains 3 different shades of eyeshadow!

The white shade leaves a sparkling finish, perfect for the summer♥

There are four colour combinations to choose from, each ¥580 (excluding tax)

[20] Pink Raspberry☆

These cute shades will leave your eyes sparkling!

[21]Royal Blue☆

Difficulty Level: Zero! It’s unique, but super easy to use! This is a red-based eyeshadow♥

[32]Chocolate Apple☆

A bouncy and colourful palette. Your eyes will pop and stand out from the rest♪

[35]Balloon Party☆

キャンメイク アイニュアンス20 ピンクラズベリー 3g
売り上げランキング: 17,953
キャンメイク アイニュアンス21 ロイヤルブルー 3g
売り上げランキング: 17,519

♡:CANMAKE Homepage


LOVE3CE looks just like Polly Pocket!
LOVE3CE is a makeup brand from Korea, and their 2017 Summer collection uses adorable, pastel, toy-like compact☆
Read more about them here ⇒【3CE】韓国コスメがポーリーポケットみたいでかわいい♡


Magical Unicorn Cosmetics~
The American brand Tarte has released a limited edition Unicorn set for 2017 summer, which is totally yumekawa♡
With unicorn horn brushes, cheek & eyeshadow palettes, and even a cute, unicorn horn flower crown, they’ve been a huge hit this summer☆

♡:Tarte Homepage

♡Tooth & Nail Cosmetics♡

Unicorns vs Mermaids♪

Tooth & Nail Cosmetics is a handmade brand from America, who have released a limited yumekawa Unicorn vs Mermaid Palette for Summer 2017♡

♡:Tooth & Nail Cosmetics Homepage


Wonder Fun Park Collection
The Korean brand ETUDE HOUSE released this Merry-go-round collection, with adorable ferris wheels and amsement park decorations! This is their Wonder Fun Park Collection series♪

エチュードハウス(ETUDE HOUSE) ワンダーファンパーク ネイルキット #01 スカイブルー
売り上げランキング: 58,229
エチュードハウス(ETUDE HOUSE) ワンダーファンパーク オードトワレ
売り上げランキング: 96,074

♡:ETUDE HOUSE Homepage

♡Mermaid Brushes♡

Mermaid shaped makeup brushes have been a trend around the world this year♡Here are some adorable yumekawa brushes from around the world♪

♡Spectrum Collections♡

Mermaid Brushes
Spectrum Collections is an English brand who released an adorable shell shaped pouch, which was filled with dreamy mermaid brushes and accessories☆


♡:Spectrum Collections Homepage

♡SauceBox cosmetics♡

Fish Makeup Brushes
The LA-based brand SauceBox Cosmetics have released their Mermaid Life Palette collection, which features fish shaped brushes and an adorable, illustrated, shell compact♪

♡:SauceBox Homepage

♡Lime Crime♡

Aquarium & Mermaid cosmetics
The American brand Lime Crime has released some sparkling brushes filled with glitter to go with their adorable aquarium palette lineup♥


Lime Crime Homepage

That was this years recommended yumekawa cosmetics☆

Lots of these brands ship worldwide, so be sure to check them out♪



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