Delicious & Melty Food from Germany! Pink Grilled Sandwiches★

ENGLISH  2017.07.21

With yummy melty sandwiches and an 80s retro aesthetic, the German street vendor Frau Dr Schneider’s Grilled Cheese Wonderland and it’s graphic designer We Are Büro Büro has become a hot topic♪

What is a grilled sandwich?

This is a hugely popular breakfast and snack in America, Europe, and the Middle East!  A grilled sandwich is made by melting slices of cheese onto a slice of bread using a frying pan.

To make it even more delicious, try using butter! Since the contents are quite moist, spreading butter on the outside will toughen the outside preventing sticking or leakage.

You can use smaller pieces of bread to create a pizza-like sandwich, topping it with tomato, basil, onion, or whatever you like♪ They are eaten just as often as the Japanese eat onigiri or lunch bread★In Japan sometimes you see an onigiri shop and it looks so delicious you have to try it – overseas it’s like this with grilled sandwich stores, which are also common spots for teens and gourmets♪Eating at a sandwich store or hotdog store will leave you full of smiles!


The design of the shop is KAWAII♡

graphic designer We Are Büro Büro:

〈Store Information〉
OPEN:16:00 ~23:00
As of July 22nd 2017// Alte Schleuse 23, 21107 Hamburg