You can be yumekawa at the beach or pool with DearMyLove’s adorable swimwear♡

This year Yumetenbou’s sweet brand ‘Dear My Love’ has released a huge, trendy swimwear collection☆


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(ディアマイラブ) DearMyLoveの水着がゆめかわいい♥マストハブな流行水着

☆Show some skin♡Braided Lace-Up Swimsuit☆


(ディアマイラブ) 0101 レースアップワンピース水着 M ホワイト

(DearMyLove) 0101 Lace Up One Piece Swimsuit M White


Retro Girly & Sexy DearMyLove Swimsuit♡

The waist has a flattering lace-up design on the side, which can be seen from all angles♡ This romantic swimwear has large ribbons on each side, as well as a skirt, and a frilly, sweetheart neckline♡ It comes in white, black, a monotone gingham check, and a yumekawa pastel lavender – there are 4 colours to chose from ☆


☆2017’s most popular design; the maid-style bikini☆

(モンリリー) 0102 3点セット フリル リボン メイドライク 三角 ビキニ M ブラック
(Mon lily) 0102 3 Colour Set Frill Ribbon Maid-like Bikini M Black

This new bikini features a maid, gothic lolita inspired design♡ It comes in 2 shades, black and gingham check☆It has a flirty décolleté neckline along with puffed, off-shoulder sleeves, buttons, and ribbons to gather to create a blouse-like appearance♪ There is a large ribbon on the backside♡



♡Capture his heart with this heart-arrow frill bikini☆

(モンリリー) 0101 ハート アロー プリント バンドゥ フリル ビキニ M ホワイト

(Mon lily) 0101 Heart Arrow Print Bandeau Frill Bikini M White

This heart design features a Cupid’s bow on the chest and backside♡This sweet retro bikini has a lolita-esque design with lots of frills☆



♡There are lots of romantic, floral pieces☆



♡There are lots of romantic, floral pieces☆

(ディアマイラブ) 0102 選べるお花フラワービキニ M パンジー

(DearMyLove) 0102 Picked Flowers Bikini M Pansy

With flowers, frills, and lovely designs, there are plenty of floral bikinis to pick from ♡There are 3 designs☆ There is the pastel pink, romantic pansy and the yellow-centered marguerette; The 3-coloured lineup  is perfect for any pool party☆It’ll match any Instagramers girly aesthetic perfectly!




☆Get 2017’s trendiest girly swimwear at Yumetenbou!

(ディアマイラブ) 0201 ミルキーウェイ夜空柄水着 L 夜空柄

(DearMyLove) 0201 Milky Way Night Sky Print Bikini L

Featuring the sparkling moon, stars and a dreamy lavender shade, this floaty cotton-candy design features a night sky print on the frilly bra and pants to create a super kawaii bikini☆It can be worn off the shoulders♪Check out the unique straight cut on the back♡




♡The popular ofero babydoll-cut bikini☆

(ディアマイラブ) 0101 ベビードール風ビキニ M キャミホワイト

(DearMyLove) 0101 Babydoll Style Bikini M Camisole White

With an appearence similar to lingerie babydoll, this girly yet sexy bikini comes in white, pink, and black♡ It comes in the pictured camisole design, as well as another type with a puff-sleeved blouse, meaning there are 6 kinds to choose from♪ It has a frilly, lolita inspired design☆

(DearMyLove) 0102 Babydoll Style Bikini M Camisole Pink


♡Yumekawa sailor collar bikini

(ディアマイラブ) 0102 セーラー襟フリルビキニ M ピンク

(DearMyLove) 0102 Sailor Collar Frill Bikini M Pink

This sailor-style bikini features a piping design and a frilled skirt, alongside an adorable button-up chest♡ It comes in 4 shades; Pink, red, a lavender galaxy print, and navy☆




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