Romantic and Girly Brands

With feminine, romantic, and girly clothes galore, we have gathered some popular fashion brands have♡*

(♡ mon lily ♡)


mon lily is a collaboration between LARME magazine and popular clothing site Yumetenbou

It is filled with sweet and elegant clothes♪ You can find them online and the Yumetenbou store in Shinjuku’s LUMINE mall ♡

Twitter:@mon_Lily_     Instagram:@mon_lily

(♡ Swankiss ♡)


Hayashida Saaya (@xoxo0614) produces Swankiss, a sweet romantic brand ♡Just one look at their kawaii items will make your heart skip a beat♡

Twitter:@Swankiss_JP    Instagram:@swankiss_official

(♡ Honey Cinnamon ♡)


Ex-SKE48 member Hiramitsu Kanako, aka KANAKANA (@kanaco1114), produces Honey Cinnamon ♡They have also expanded their range with unisex products and a mature sub brand called HONEY CINNAMON Mieux♪

Twitter:@honeyc0214  Instagram:@honey_cinnamon_jp


(♡ Crayme, ♡)

Crayme is produced by LARME and with Magazine model Kanno Yui ♡ It is filled with delicate and detailed items♡

Twitter:@Crayme1 Instagram:@crayme_official



(♡ Honey Salon ♡)

Honey Salon by foppish, popular for their sweet bags and shoes♡Their elegant and playful designs will capture you♡

Twitter:@foppish_hs   Instagram:@honeysalonbyfoppish

(♡ merry jenny ♡)

Merry Jenny, produced by Yoshikawa Yui (@yui_yoshikawa) ♡Their bear themed items are also loved by generations♪

Twitter:@merry_jenny0825   Instagram:@merryjenny_instagram

(♡ Secret Honey ♡)

The girly brand Secret Honey have become famous for their cute dresses and JSKs ♡Their Disney collaboration goods are super popular♪




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