MOIRA DESIGN is a unique swimsuit brand by the hugely popular cosplayer Kuchikaseya Moira ♡


Sailor swimsuit!
Just regular “kawaii” isn’t good enough.
Greedily aiming for a cuteness that can be appreciated worldwide, the unique brand 【MOIRA DESIGN】 is designed by Kuchikaseya Moira ☆
With original characters, manga-esque previews and a fetish theme, let’s take a look at some of their most popular products♪

◇Micro-Ribbon School Swimsuit

This sailor uniform and swimsuit set is so cute! They’ve layered a short sailor top over a school swimsuit♡

The back and underpants have a sexy open design, adorned with red ribbons for a girly look♪


♢Sailor Marine Swimsuit

This girly Sailor Marine bikini is perfect for summer♪

It was designed by the popular illustrator Mori Kuraki!



♢Maid-School Swimsuit

This swimsuit combines a school-style swimsuit with a tube top blouse and frills to create a girly Maid-School Swimsuit♡ The removable blouse means you can use it even if you have a large bust♪ With a frilly apron, hairband, choker and cuffs, the maid themed accessories are amazingly cute!


♢Gym-style Onepiece

This gym clothes style dress is so cute! The oversize design creates a delicate appearance when worn☆



♢China Leotard

This highleg Chinese style leotard features monochrome colours which contrast with the eye-catching red tassels ☆

Check out the heart-shaped cutout on the back, as well as the low-cut front!


♢China School Swimsuit

This low-cut swimsuit features the traditional school colours, with a Chinese twist☆

It’ll be adorable combined with tassle earrings, odango hair, and some Chinese style pumps!


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You can find MOIRA DESIGN on Twitter for information on events, new products, and general news!