This makeup will go perfectly with your Yukata! Check out these Harajuku & Lolita style girly hair and makeup tutorials ♡


The charismatic model Misako Aoki introduces a girly yukata makeup tutorial for YouTube channel KAWAII♡PATEEN, which is ran by the Internet broadcaster WAO – RYU! TV.

■Title: Dolly Yukata Makeup by Misako Aoki

■Model: Misako Aoki

Misako Aoki is a model for KERA and the Gothic&Lolita Bible, as well as being a government-appointmed Kawaii Ambassador, promiting lolita fashion around the world. In this video, she introduces some of 2017’s top trends, and three adorable hair arrangements.

The makeup will emphasise your eyes for a doll like appearance!

This real doll gives you hints on eye shadow, rhinestones, and using pink-coloured eyeliner to give you super doll-like eyes.

It also provides advice on how to keep your makeup intact during the humid summer.

The hair arrangements consist of three types; One using a hat, an up style, and a down style. You can pick your favourite or decide on a style based on the situation! We have no doubt that you’ll find the perfect kawaii hair arrange!


Cosmetics used in the video♡




WAO-RYU! TV is an internet broadcasting station that was established in 2013. They broadcast information on Japan’s culture (OTAKU & KAWAII) to the world. It has been viewed in over 238 countries and regions including the United States, Asia, and Europe. The total amount of program views has exceeded 136 million. They are gaining fans all over the world! (as of July 2017)

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A “Kawaii and Fashion” channel. Centered around Harajuku/Shibuya/Koenji style fashion and cosplay culture, it features English subtitles for viewers overseas.


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