ETUDE HOUSE’s New Customisable Lipstick♡

ENGLISH  2017.08.28

A customisable lipstick from ETUDE HOUSE has arrived💕

New from ETUDE HOUSE, the “Dear My Glass Tint Lip Talk” Lipstick 🐰💄

The three moisturizing ingredients moisturise your lips while producing a beautiful and sheer lip tint.

It has both a glossy shine and a long-lasting tinted colour💕

The first “Self-Customise” Lipstick!


You can buy a unique lipstick case to use with your Lipstick.

If you’ve always wanted to stand out from the rest, or mix-and-match with friends, then this is the answer🌟

You can even make an original kawaii combination using different lid and container designs🐰💕

There are 20 shades to choose from, ranging from popular to unique 💝


Lipstick Price: 900 Yen ($10)

There are 20 unique lip cases to choose from💘

Case Price: 450 Yen ($5)

Scheduled for release on October the 6th 2017🐼💕

Can you believe such adorable lipsticks are so cheap..!😭💕

We definitely want to get our hands on these! For more information, check out the official Etude House website~