Like a Princess♡Peach John’s New “Flowers Bloom On My Chest Bra” ♡

ENGLISH  2017.08.30

Flowers blooming on my chest…💕🌷Peach John’s new “Flower Bra”

Have you heard of lingerie brand PEACH JOHN’s new “Flower Bra” series?🌷💘

“Wouldn’t it be cute if flowers bloomed on your chest?” With these words from the designer, the “Flower Bra” series was born 💓

You’ll feel like a beautiful princess in this delicate and romantic lingerie…✨✨

The long awaited new colours, “Lily White” and “Cosmos Magenta” will be released on the 30th of August, 2017 🌻🌻

🌻NEW Symbol of Purity​『Lily White』

Decorated with the delicate Lily of the Valley, this bra is neat and dainty…👼

🌻NEW A Maiden’s Inner Strength『Cosmos Magenta』

The cup looks like a single blooming flower, giving this bra a gorgeous and classical design👄💖

🌻『Sweet Pink』

🌻『Rose Red』

🌻『Hydrangea Purple』

The new “Flower Bra” 5-piece series was released in August 2017🌹

Why not add a touch of romance by wearing your favourite flower? 💘

PEACH JOHN Flower Bra  (available in 5 colours)  ¥2,980+tax ($27) Size: B65~F75

PEACH JOHN Flower Underwear (available in 5 colours)  ¥1,380+tax ($13) Sizes: S・M・L

PEACH JOHN Flower Thong  (available in 5 colours)  ¥1,380+tax ($13) Sizes: S/M・M/L

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