Yumekawa China☆Introducing 2017 Summer’s Chinoiserie Items♡

ENGLISH  2017.07.29

You can get ahold of these adorable yumekawa China style items this summer!

Today we’ll introduce you to some of the items Chinoiserie available from both Harajuku and indie fashion brands☆


2017 Summer☆Yumekawa China and Chinoiserie Catalogue☆

SWIMMER Chinoiserie Series

Official Website⇒http://www.swimmer.co.jp

With bunnies, cats, unicorn, and flower embroidery, these items feature a kawaii chinese style knot ♡There are tissue holders, pouches,  bags, and t-shirts available!



Candy Syrup Shimokitazawa

Candye♡Syrup (Kyanshiro Shimokitazawa) @candye_syrup

In Candye♡Syrup, the subcul fairy select shop located in Shimokitazawa, you can find all sorts of China clothing and accessories♪

It’s open year-round from 12pm-20pm♡ It’s a 30 second walk from Shimokitazawa Station’s south exit♡Turn left at the exit, go straight ahead, and go to the 3F of the shop building♡

Address: 2-10-10 Kitazawa Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 155-0031, Ichise Building 3F



Harajyuku kei Accessory brand CHAKIRACCHO is releasing new productes every month♡

Official Site:https://chiakisakamoto.stores.jp/










Wee Girls Club

Wee Girls Club is a Hong Kong which mixes traditional Chinese style with Cyber Kawaii Grunge☆You can order it online and from Village Vanguard

Official Site: https://weegirlsclub.com/

Sucre doll

Sucre Doll stocks a wide variety of Chinese style items, including hair accessories, shoes, and yumekawa China clothing ☆ It’s available from the official website as well as Village Vanguard!

Official Site: http://sucredoll.theshop.jp/



Everything is 390! Check out the China-style Ranma ½ collaboration goods lineup☆


The Harajuku kei brand WEGO now stocks Chinese-style items☆

Official Site: https://gocart.jp (Use the keywords チャイナ)





merry jenny

You can get yumekawa China shoes and clothing at Merry Jenny!

Official Store: http://runway-webstore.com/merryjenny/


Punyus, a brand produced by comedian and actress Naomi Watanabe, now stocks Chinese style pants!

Official Site: https://store.punyus.jp/




Located in Meguro, mother’s PHOENIX BLOUSE sparked a mode-China trend. They now stock a variety of Chinese-style clothing and accessories!

Official Site: http://shop.mothermother.com

Vivienne Tam

If it’s Chinese brands, it has to be Vivienne Tam!

Official Site:http://www.viviennetam.jp/