Introducing “Pretty Poison”, an adorable medical themed series from Sugar Pill♪


What is Sugarpill?


Sugarpill is a flashy makeup brand which originated in the USA. It originally created makeup for local drag queens and performers, but their items became so popular that director Amy Doan opened her own brand 💝 The brand has been used by models and brands around the world, including the famous Japanese brands 6%DOKIDOKI

One of their most iconic designs is their “Pretty Poison” series, which we’re going to introduce to you today 💓💄

Their online shop ships worldwide 🏥


💄Perfect for yamikawaii 💘 Pretty Poison Lipsticks💄

The series has a matte finish, with pigmented shades for ultra-vibrant lips 🌟 It’s perfect for any Harajuku fan! The brand is cruelty free, meaning no animals were harmed in production 🐰

The popular “Pretty Poison” lipstick was released in 2015 and was a hit with their customers💄

It comes in 6 shades: Girl Crush, Cubby, Detox, Nurse, Spank, and U4EA 💘

The packaging is so cute that you can put it on display it in your room♪


🎃 Perfect for Halloween 👿 Pretty Poison Black Edition 🎃

The series is also available in dark shades, perfect for anyone into gothic fashion♪

These dark shades are gothic and cool💄The black tube sparkles for a cute twist!💘


Sugarpill Cosmeticsさん(@sugarpill)がシェアした投稿


This series comes in 4 colours: Shiver, Dark Sided, Anti-Socialite, and Zero 👿


💄There are liquid lipsticks available too💄

Sugarpill have released a brand new liquid lipstick with adorable medical motifs!

The liquid lipstick series comes in 3 shades: Strange Love, Kim Chi, and Trinket.


Amy Doanさん(@shrinkle)がシェアした投稿

The lipstick has a shimmer which sparkles in the light ✨ You could use it as a light tint, or layer it up for a more vibrant appearance!


💝The owner is cute too..!💝

Sugarpill is owned by Amy Doan, aka Shrinkle, who is a huge fan of Harajuku fashion! She can be found wearing popular Japanese brands and has even worked with 6%DOKIDOKI in the past♪


Amy Doanさん(@shrinkle)がシェアした投稿


Amy Doanさん(@shrinkle)がシェアした投稿

She has even collaborated with Harajuku model RinRin♥


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