Use them in your winter yumekawa lolita coords or hang them up in your room 💖

Today we’ll show you how to make dreamy & fluffy star accessories 🌈

You could decorate your room or even remake your old broken accessories with this kawaii guide ✨


🍧How To Make Yumekawa Fluffy Stars🍧

🎀You Will Need🎀

💘Glue Gun
💘Cooking Paper
💘Design Drawings
💘Decorating Items
Ribbon, Gems, Sequins, Pearls, a Broken Necklace/Key chain/etc

🎀How To Make🎀

1.💘Draw a star with the glue gun

Draw your design onto the cooking paper, before tracing it with the glue gun.

It can easily be cut out with scissors, and you can use the glue gun to make it 3D.
(The glue gun is hot, so be careful!)

2.💘Wrap with yarn

The corners are hard to wrap, so add small amounts of glue using the glue gun to keep the yarn in place.

Cut the wool or ribbon the approximate length of the shape, and tightly wrap around.


Try decorating your stars using ribbons and sparkly rhinestones♡

When attaching small pieces such as rhinestones, pick them up using a toothpick and some glue◎

🌸Design Ideas🌸

≪Kirakira Deco Star≫

A sparkling deco star with rhinestones, wrapped with a pink wool!

You can wrap the wool around round hooks to create straps.

≪Tassle Kirakira Star≫

Use beads to create a sparkling tassel to attach onto your star✨

We added a thin pearl chain to the star which is made from Daiso’s sparkly yarn.


≪Ribbon & Pearl Star≫

A winded ribbon design with a large dangling ribbon attached.

Attach the pearl to a chain and connect the chain using the glue gun so that it won’t fall off. Hide the glue beneath a jewel or ribbon!

≪Sequins Star≫

For this star, we’ve used candy coloured yarn, aurora coloured sequins, and attached 2 organza ribbons. There is a dangling crystal charm in the centre.

On the back attach 3 wire parts – 2 for a necklace strap, and 1 to hold the dangling crystal in place.

We’ve added roses, a baby stroller chain, bows, and gems ✨

On the back, create a wire hook to attach a strap.

You can create all sorts of cute designs! Try making necklaces, keychains, bag charms, even wall and door decorations💕

🍭Cheap & Easy! DIY Beads Strap🍬

If you haven’t already got a chain, or want to create a toy-like accessory, we’ll show you how to make cute arrangements with one simple item! 💍✨

🎀You Will Need🎀


🎀How To Make🎀

Pass the beads through the wire before closing the end with a hook. Make sure one side is hooked before adding beads so they don’t fall off!

Cut the wire the length of the beads plus the added hook length.

Hold the wire in scissors or wire-cutters and twist it around to create a hook.

If you can’t buy pre-hooked wire, you can easily make it yourself like this.



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