👠Koenji-based girly antique store “Comyu”👠


What kind of store is Comyu?✨

Comyu is a girly space which is popular with both teens and adults 💘 This antique shop is filled with one-of-a-kind vintage clothing as well as handmade items ♡


The shop has a calm, antique atmosphere✨


They import a variety of frilly clothing from America and Europe…♡ Their dresses cost around ï¿¥6000.

So many handmade items~💖


The shop doesn’t just carry vintage items, but also carries items made by the staff and indie artists. There are even items handmade by the store owner♡

The owners brand: comyu

【♡Consignment Handmade Brands♡】

dentelle /  favorite bear /  Waterball / AM.Jack / lie and roam / S no Ribbon / m.i*n.i* / POC:MOC


They also have candles and cute accessories, perfect for decorating your room…✨

They also stock the super-popular brand, “GUNNE SAX”

The most loved brand by vintage fans 💖 The hugely popular vintage brand “GUNNE SAX” is now available at Comyu.

They stock all kinds of accessories and hats


With sparkly earrings and one-of-a-kind belts, they have a huge variety of products.

With Comyu’s reasonable pricing, you can buy everything you love 💗


Their lace and frill covered items are so cute! If you’re a fan of girly clothing, this is the place to go💕

They have an online store too!♡

2017 Halloween Event


On October 31st, customers will receive a candy present!

Check out their Twitter for details♡

【Shop Information】


【Location】166-0003 Suginami-ku, Tokyo Koenjiminami 3-chome, 23-20

🐻Shop Directions🐻

Leave Koenji Station from the south exit and turn right, walking until you reach the “Koenji pal Shopping District” 

Walk through until you reach the “Koenji Look Shopping District” where you’ll find the shop on your right.


【Opening Times】12:00〜20:00




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