OTOE is a fancy & girly artist whose adorable illustrations have become popular both in Japan and overseas! Today we’ll introduce you to OTOE and their brand, “mystic OTOE” 🎀🐻


Check out OTOE’s Halloween yumekawa goods!👻

OTOE’s Halloween goods are super cute..!💜

mystic OTOE/
mystic OTOE/

・  mysticOTOE Happy Halloween Girls  Twinkle Can Badge (2 types) – ¥432

mystic OTOE/
mystic OTOE/
mystic OTOE/

・mysticOTOE Happy Halloween Girls  Sticker (2 types) – ¥432

Illustrator OTOE



Who is OTOE?

OTOE is an illustrator whose brand “mysticOTOE” has a girly, slightly adult-like kawaii theme. Recently they have started producing more illustrated sundries.



Their magical girl, yumekawaii illustrations have even become popular overseas💕



Hobby🎀: Creating things

Favourite Colour🌈: Purple, black

Favourite Food🍪: Cookies

Favourite Manga🐣:BONO BONO

【Official HP:】

 Where can I buy OTOE goods?🐻

🍓Akihabara goods store and gallery “.fav”

🍒Village Vanguard Online Store



🍉Lafary Shop


・BE MINE♡ Girly Girl White & Teddy – Hand Towel (¥2000)

・BE MINE♡ Girly Girl & White Teddy – Notebook-type iPhone Case (¥3000)

・BE MINE♡ Girly Girl & White Teddy – Cushion (6400)

🍧mysticOTOE store



Teddy & Girl Chocolate Rosette Ribbon Badge (1296)


🌎Worldwide Store😻

💕OTOE on Tokyo Otaku Mode

🎀Collab Goods🎀

🐻Tokyo Anilab


【Participating Events】

They will also attend more coming events!

OTOE is even popular overseas!😻💖

OTOE has collaborated with the monthly kawaii box brand, Yume Twins♡

They produced an illustration for the Yume Twins packaging and leaflets♡

The box on the illustration could also be coloured in…! ♡

Check them out on social media❣🍭


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