The Ultimate Kawaii♡Xmas Party Items from PLAZA

ENGLISH  2017.11.4

Have a merry pink Christmas with PLAZA💕

These photogenic new party goods will have everyone talking💗

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The import stores PLAZA & MINiPLA will be holding a special Christmas promotion from November 1st. The event is called “IT’S YOUR PARTY! THE BEST TIME TO POST.”💝

You can’t deny that Christmas is the most sparkly and photogenic event of the year💫

This year, you can easily pick out the cutest gift and have the best looking Christmas ever💕


Here’s a preview of the new lineup💕

❤Original Bauble Christmas Tree – L ¥4,800 / S ¥3,000
This Christmas tree is covered in cute, coloured baubles🎄
The white baubles on the L size version are actually LED lights⭐

❤Disco Ball Cup – ¥1,200
❤Crazy Straw – ¥780
The disco ball cup will make a huge impact❣ If you hold it under the light it’ll sparkle like the real deal 💖

❤Triton Champagne Glass – ¥700
This sparkly champagne glass is made with super durable Triton so it won’t smash..! 💗

Snack Dispenser – ¥900
This popular item now comes in purple💕
While it obviously looks cute with candy inside, you could also put small items inside and use it as a room decoration🍒

Click here to purchase the new items💕

For a sparkly pink Christmas, be sure to check out PLAZA💕

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Running period: Nov 1st ~ Dec 25th
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