Illustrator Umina Kurumi🍓

Today we’ll introduce you to Umina Kurumi, a sweet & fancy yumekawa artist, and her brand “Fondant Pinky”💄💄

Umina Kurumi/

Who is Umina Kurumi?🐰

Umina Kurumi is an artist from Oita Prefecture in Japan💕
Her artwork is super popular for it’s dreamy cute worldview, featuring sparkling girls and fancy motifs 💘


Umina Kurumi/

“Fondant Pinky”

Fontant Pinky was creatd by Umina Kurumi in 2013. She produces goods featuring her pale and colourful artwork 🌟
The brand name was inspired by the colour pink and Umina Kurumi’s favourite melty motifs 💕

Umina Kurumi/

Hometown 🐰:Oita Prefecture

Birthday 🍇:14th of November

Hobbies 💓:Shopping, anime, and looking at clothes online

Favourite Colour 🌼:Pink x Yellow

Favourite Food 🍰:Sweet things, crispy things, chicken namban

Favourite Anime 🍬:Nanatsuiro☆Drops ← I love this more than anything else! It’s probably where I got the inspiration for the sparkliness of my illustrations…

Favourite Fashion✨:Fairy & Lolita♡♡ (I like brands such as Angelic Pretty and milklim etc)

Favourite Music 🍎: Fenotasu, SHE IS SUMMER, Yunomi, STAR☆ANIS, etc

Dream 🍒:I want to go and eat with other illustrators! I’ll do my best!

Umina Kurumi/

Upcoming Event Participation 🍰

Design Festa vol.46


Dates: 11th~12th of November ※Saturday Only

 Booth: C-433

She will be attending with Yumemi Sucha (@ymmsucha)
 [New Information]
・Kurumi x Sucha Collab Goods
 They have produced a 2018 calendar together! Look forwards to seeing the contents♪
 Enjoy 2018 with this sugary sweet collaboration calendar♡
・Kurumi Original Goods
 Illustrated Goods, Key chain, Postcards, etc


Scatterbrained Santa Clause♪♪ (Portrait & Shop Sales) 💖

 Location: Harajuku “Usagi Youhiten” ( )
 Date: 9th of December 13:30~17:30
 [Event Overview]  It’ll be held just before Christmas! Santa Kurumi will be selling portraits and original goods♪
 Have fun at this Christmas party! There will be new goods too!
 ※There will be a small Christmas present for those who get a portrait drawn♡
 ※Portrait reservations begin on the 19th of November

Umina Kurumi/


I only have two events left this year, Design Festa and the portrait event! I think they’ll both be really fun☆ I’d love to hold a solo or group exhibition in 2018! I’ve recently started a job in design, so I don’t have as much time to draw anymore… However, I have lots of fun events planned for the upcoming year, so I’ll slowly be producing more and more illustrations! >_<♡

Umina Kurumi/

Where can I buy merch?🐭

💋 Shimokitazawa『Candye♡Sryup Shimokitazawa
  (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Kitazawa, 2-10-10, Ichinose Building, 3F)


💋Mincho Munakata 『ZAKKA&OYATSU CochoCocho』
 (You can order items online through the stores official homepage)
 (Oita, Oita Prefecture, Kamimunakata, 531-2, Fujita Building)

💋Beppu City Kitahama Gothic&Lolita Concept Bar『AbysS』
 (Beppu, Oita Prefecture, Kitahama, 1-11-18, Rose Garden, Building 1, Kaihigashi, No. 1)

💋 Lafary Shop

・Kurumi’s Milk Mug Cup♡ (¥3000)

・Lots of Love♥ Mobile Battery (¥3500)

🍑New Products🍑

Umina Kurumi/

 ♡Square Can Badge


 ♡Strawberry Jam Keyholder
 ※Available online after Design Festa



うみな枸苺さん(@umina_krm)がシェアした投稿 –

🍒Job Recruitment🍒

 From December 2017, Umina Kurumi will be open for business commissions.
 For a consultation, send a message on her official website!

Umina Kurumi/


Umina Kurumi was featured in KERA (Feb.2016), in a Design Festa report & MUSE Oita’s Halloween exhibition event 💕

Umina Kurumi/

Check out their social media💓


Official HP:




Umina Kurumi/


“ときめきを届ける”女の子向け情報メディア、『Lafary(ラファリー)』が手掛ける通販サイト『Lafary Shop(ラファリーショップ)』❤︎