New products featuring that pair💕

Reservations will be starting on the new Sailor Uranus & Neptune cheek brushes & rouge✨


New products featuring Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune are being released by the Sailor Moon cosmetics brand Miracle Romance! The “Miracle Romance Twin Lip Rod Cheek Brush” & the “Miracle Romance Deep Aqua Mirror Rouge” will be available to reserve from the 10th of November.😍💕



 💋 Miracle Romance Deep Aqua Mirror Rouge


Miracle Romance Deep Aqua Mirror Rouge
¥3,996 (incl. Tax)

This lipstick has been made to look like Sailor Neptune’s magical item, the Deep Aqua Mirror💄
The Orange-Pink shade has been made to match perfectly with Spring 2018’s hottest colours, pink and yellow 💕
The mirror can be folded down into a compact size, meaning you can easily fit it in your bag or makeup pouch 😊 This is super useful for doing makeup on the go! ✨

 💋 Miracle Romance Twin Lip Rod Cheek Brush


Miracle Romance Twin Lip Rod cheek Brush
¥3,456 (incl. Tax)
This cheek brush features Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune’s transformation item, the the Twin Lip Rod 💖
Fans will adore the ornate details 😍
If you display both packages, it looks like the Senshi are standing back to back..! ✨ They’ll look great displayed in your room 💕



Make Up with these desirable transformation items! 😊


They’ll be released in March of 2018💄
Reservations will close once all spots have been filled, so reserve your products soon if you want a guaranteed spot 💕


You can find more information on the Premium Bandai Official Homepage 😍


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