Photogenic Ice Cream🍦💗

Ice cream isn’t just for summer! We’ll introduce photogenic ice cream so cute (and delicious!) you’ll enjoy them in the winter 💕 Everyone on Instagram will “Like” these ice creams 💕💋


Panya specialises in Foccacia, but their ice cream is also super popular! You can take a picture with their simple and cute signboard ◎
🍒Osaka, Higashinari-ku, Higashiobase, 1-2-4


Enjoy a new kind of experience with this liquor infused ice-cream 💗 You can pick your favourite liquor from 100 different varieties ✨

🍒Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Ebisunishi, 1-9-7, Granbel Ebisunishi Building 5F

🍓Official Site


You can customise your own toppings and cone to create an original ice cream 💗 The entire store is cute and Instagram-worthy💕
🍒Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae, 4-26-28, Pink House 1F

🍓Official Site



Japan’s first speciality cream store 💗 This milk store using fresh milk from Hokkaido produces its own “refreshing & creamy” ice cream! Alongside ice cream, they sell cheesecakes and chiffon cakes! (Some items may not be handled depending on the store)

🍒Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae, 3-25-18, THESHARE1F

For other locations check here

🍓Official Site

Daily Chiko

This amazing 8-layer ice cream is a shockingly cheap ï¿¥480 💗 If you visit Nakano, you have to at least try it once!

🍒Tokyo, Nakano-ku, 5-52-15, Nakano Broadway Basement 1F



This dream-like dessert is the Ice Cream Parfait
💕Check out the layer of sweets under the ice cream 👀💗

🍒Aichi, Toyota-shi, Maeda-cho, 3-40-01

🍓Official Site

Melting in the mouth

These ice creams look like they’ve jumped straight out of an anime ♡ These ice creams will only be available for a limited time, so try one before they go away forever

🍒Kyoto, Shibuya-ku, Hiroo, 5-17-19

🍓Official Site




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