#momo's girly ootd Vol.01🌹 #Girly Coords w/ Fur

❤︎You’ll want to try these girly coords for yourself..!❤︎

【#momo’s girly ootd】
Vol.01 #Fur_Items

We’ll show you how to use trendy fur items to create a soft, fluffy, and girly coordinate.

#momo's girly ootd Vol.01🌹#ファーアイテムの100%ガーリーコーデ


You can pair frilly, fluffy tops with this years hottest item; Tartan skirts💕
Bring your coordinate together using black items based on the skirt, such as belts and accessories! ◎


Adding small fluffy items to your coordinate will instantly add a seasonal feeling, perfect for trendy girls💋
You can introduce cute items for a playful look, including those using fur🦄💕


Using these dificult-to-coord fur items in an outfit will leave you looking like a pro! Be sure to flaunt the fur decor on the bottoms 💘


Wear a super girly coat with a simple dress for the ultimate winter combination 🎀
Add the finishing touches to your girly coordinate by using enamel accessories🐻💗

An illustrator working mainly with girly clothing & cosmetics.