Today we’ll show you where to find cute accessories on the cheap! We’ll be looking at ¥100 stores like Daiso, Seria, Can☆Do and ¥300 stores like 3COINS, Mikajiki Momoko, and illusie300


If you’re wanting cute and cheap accessories but don’t live close to a physical store, this is the article for you! We’ll introduce some cheap stores that you can check straight from your bedroom☆

From ¥1 to ¥18♡Cute Accessories under ¥300☆Roundup☆


Cheap Accessory Brands w/ Webstores♪

You can buy kawaii budget accessories from these online stores☆

The list is arranged in alphabetical order.

☆¥100~¥300 Accessory Webshops☆








Thank youmart



Here are the store details~♪


Bodyline is one of the worlds largest lolita, punk, and cosplay webstores! It has so many cheap accessories🌟



Everything is ¥300! This store is filled with cute household items, from interior to kitchen to accessories, and everything is just ¥300(+tax)…💕

CouCou also stocks original brands like Alice On Wednesday and Princess One Spoon♪
A lot of items can be bought for under ¥100.




You can buy cute and trendy necklaces, piercings, rings, bracelets, hair accessories and more at LUPIS ☆

They have easy-to-understand trend rankings and cheap accessories♪




PARIS KIDS(パリスキッズ)

This super popular accessory store first opened in Harajuku in 1977♪ With kawaii pastel accessories and trendy new products, you can get almost anything for just ¥300♡

Here are some of the items from their Harajuku store

These sparkling accessories will attract any maiden’s heart…



Get on-trend items on a budget ♡
With all kinds of fashion genres at low prices, you’ll easily be able to find something to go with your wardrobe ♡




This brand is a huge hit with elementary and middle schoolers, stocking accessories, deco parts, stationary, and fashion ☆

With ¥1 time-sales and half-price sales on weekends, you’ll be shocked at how cheap everything is♪

They even have a real-time sales ranking chart♪ Check out the most popular items ☆
Even if you don’t have pierced ears, you can fake it with these clip in accessories ♡

These yumekawa accessories are so cute..♡


Thank youmart(サンキューマート)

Their cheap, kawaii items are super popular with teens ♡
They have all kinds of original designs, so make sure to check them out!

They also do tons of cute collabs♡




WEGO is a super popular Harajuku brand which also stocks their low-priced, on-trend accessories on their webshop♪ If you’re into street-casual, WEGO is a must-see brand☆


You can buy all kinds of cute accessories for just¥300, right?♪