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💘mt Masking Tape💘


Mt’s (masking tape) comes in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and patterns💕

You can add a splash of colour to your daily life with this kawaii masking tape 🐻💕

〔💍Wallpaper DIY🌟〕

You can easily transform your room using mt’s 100mm masking tape 💕 Since masking tape can easily be removed, you can change it up whenever you want♪

🍓Yumekawa Fantasy Room🍓

If you combine the mtCASA100mm tape in pastel pink and pastel blue, you can create a fancy, fantasy space ✨💕 You could add a frame-like border to your favourite pictures, or even add fairy lights ◎

・mtCASA100mm Pastel Pink ¥900 (tax excl.)

・mtCASA100mm Pastel Blue ¥900 (tax excl.)

🍒American KAWAII Bedroom🍒

You can create a POP-style kawaii space by combining the slightly brighter Rose Pink & Sea Blue 💙 You can also add accessories such as balloons or flags 💍

・mtCASA100mm Rose Pink ¥900 (tax excl.)

・mtCASA100mm Sea Blue ¥900 (tax excl.)

💘Super Lovely & Cute Style💘

They don’t just stock solid coloured tape, you can also find coloured striped tape 💋 The striped pink and solid pink tapes are the perfect combination for a lovely & cute room 💓🐭

・mtCASA100mm  Pastel Pink ¥900 (tax excl.)

・mtCASA100mm Stripe・Shocking Pink ¥900 (tax excl.)

💕POP & KAWAII Stripe Pattern💕

Add a high quality look by using different widths of masking tape💕

・mtCASA100mm  Shocking Pink ¥900 (tax excl.)


・mt 1P Pastel Pink ¥140 (tax excl.)

・mt 1P Pastel Purple ¥140 (tax excl.)

🐻Masking Tape Inspiration🐻

Here are some cute ideas using the most commonly found 15mm masking tape ♡

🌟Smartphone Case

You can make an original phone case using a clear case from the ¥100 store and masking tape 💞 You could also add sparkly stickers on top of the tape for an even cuter look 🐼🌛


If your electronics keep getting mixed up with everyone else’s, why not add decorations to make it your own? 💞You can use your favourite colours to turn something simple into something cute🐰🎀

🌟PC Keyboard

You could try pasting your masking tape onto your keyboard!◎ You can stick your favourite stickers on top of the tape for a super cute look. Since the letters will be covered by the tape, you could try writing them with a glitter gel pen or using alphabet-shaped stickers🐭

🌟Sweets・Lunch Picks

Using two pieces of masking tape to create a cute toothpick flag to use in your lunch box 💋💘 Use a cutter to cut out the flag shape and add glittery decorations using gel pens or sequins 🐻🌹





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“ときめきを届ける”女の子向け情報メディア、『Lafary(ラファリー)』が手掛ける通販サイト『Lafary Shop(ラファリーショップ)』❤︎