100% Girly Strawberry Prints 🍓 Honey Cinnamon Spring Collection 2018

ENGLISH  2017.12.9

Honey Cinnamon Spring Collection

Today we’ll introduce you to the new 2018 spring collection from kawaii brand Honey Cinnamon, which is produced by Kanako Hiramitsu 💞We’ll be checking out their sweet & girly new items 💞

🌼100% Girly Strawberry Prints🌼

The clothing in the spring collection features an adorable, strawberry theme…💓With red ribbons and fluffy fabrics, the whole collection is super girly and cute🍓🐻

There are also black colourways if you’re after something more mature💞

You can also get pouches and accessories featuring the same strawberry print🍓💕

These gingham accessories and ribbon cherry accessories are so sweet🍒💕

🌼I can’t wait to wear these in Spring..!🌼

It isn’t just strawberry prints! There are other adorable items produced by Kanakana🍒🐻

There are also elegant floral blouses and dresses 🌼 They’re made using a light, spring-like fabric🍒

This jumperskirt has vertical frills and a tight silhouette 💕 It comes in pink and caramel✨

Classic Unisex Items🐻

【Restock】173KT15 Bear Boa AP Knit OP ¥7,560 (tax incl.)


【Unisex】CAUTION Bear Sweat ¥7,560 (tax incl.)

Don’t miss these autumn/winter items!💘

We recommend this super popular checked onepiece and fluffy knit dress💕

【Restock】Checked Collar Onepiece ¥10,800 (tax incl.)




Off=Turtle Neck Lace Knit Onepiece ¥7,992 (tax incl.)

I can’t wait for the release!💕

For information on new releases, check their official SNS 🌼


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