Yumekawa🦄♡Atelier Lapinus Photography Event “100 Sleeping Princess”🌹

ENGLISH  2017.12.23

Yumekawa🦄♡Atelier Lapinus Photography Event “100 Sleeping Princess”🌹

Dreamy Photoshoot Event “100 Sleeping Princesses”

The yumekawa photo studio Atelier Lapinus will be holding a photography event from 2018/01/04~02/28! 💗

 💘Atelier Lapinus💘

The “girls kawaii” photography studio staff are all female, so you can shoot with confidence! 💗

What does 100 Sleeping Princesses mean…?🌹

In order to prove that “All girls are cute!” the studio has decided to shoot 100 girls in one month. They will then hold a photo exhibition with the 100 models photos, all filled with Atelier Lapinus’ dreamy world view… That is how the “100 Sleeping Princesses” plan began💐

The photo atmosphere doesn’t have to be pastel and fantasy! You can also shoot with a dark and poisonous theme 😈🌹

Check out their official site and SNS to see examples of their photography 🍬
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Official Instagram

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🦄Event Details🦄

Dates: 2018/01/04 ~ 02/28 9:00~17:00
      Mondays, Wednesday, Friday only
Venue: Atelier Lapinus
Location: 〒330-0062
      Saitama Prefecture, Saitama-shi, Uruwa-ku, Nakamachi, 2-3-22, Kuwubara Building 4F
Entry Fee: ¥10,000 (tax excl.)
Capacity: Photography Exhibition: First 100 People
     Available Spots: 200
Details/Reservation: https://ameblo.jp/atelier-lapinus/entry-12333187601.html