Yumekawa Sweets 🍬 “Sweets Puro” Opening Soon~🎀

ENGLISH  2018.01.9
Yumekawa Sweets 🍬 "Sweets Puro" Opening Soon~🎀

A new sweets themed event is opening at Sanrio Puroland!❤️



This winter “Sweets Puro”, a new sweets themed event, will be held at Sanrio Puroland from the 12th of January until the 13th of March, 2018 ❤️

With doughnuts, candy, and delicious sweets galore, there are all kinds of yummy dishes! There are also plenty of kawaii photo spots featuring the Sanrio characters, perfect for filling up your Instagram timeline! 🍭🍩


Excited by an Enchanting Pink? Tempted by Rich Chocolate?

💕Pink Menu🐰


❤️Chocolate Menu🍫 


Each and every dessert is cute & aesthetic ❤️
デザートみたいなピンク色の『ゆめかわピンクパスタ』とスパイシーな黒カレーとチョコレートの絶妙なハーモニーが楽しめる『ハートフルハローキティのチョコ黒カレー』…It’s the ultimate decision between pink and chocolate!!💘

If you want both Pink & Chocolate, it’s time to go Sweets Biking!

A limited sweets buffet will be held on the 4th floor “Hall Restaurant” 💖

Unmistakably Aesthetic! Check out the food photo booths!📷✨

Try casting some pink magic….Hello Kitty’s Illumination Show💗

The sugary sweet Hello Kitty will be holding an illumination show!✨
You can enjoy cute pop music and glittering lights at the “SPARKLE!!〜Sweet Lights〜” show 😍

Hello Kitty’s trademark red ribbon has been covered in chocolate! Make sure to pay attention to her romantic new chocolate-themed outfit ❤️🍫

After the performance the Puro Village will become a pink world thanks to the “Pink Illuminations”. Visit with your friends to experience the ultimate pink world..!💕

Ultra kawaii character goods❤️

These new goods are so pink and fluffy..!🍰🎀
We want to collect them all~😍


Why not try visiting this super pink, yumekawa fantasy world during this harsh, cold season?🐰💗
The “Sweets Puro” event will be held from the 12th of January until the 13th of March, 2018 💜

For more information, check out the official homepage 🍰


<Sanrio Puroland Official HP>https://www.puroland.jp/?target=seasonal