〔DIY〕Easy Kawaii Glass Sand Art Tutorial 🍒

*Yumekawa Glass Sand Art*

Today we’ll show you how to create dreamy sand art using coloured sand and a clear glass  It’s perfect for decorating your study or bedroom! 🐻🍓


💌 You Will Need 💌 

Glass, coloured sand, decorations/ornaments

🎀How To Make🎀

1.🍓Pour the coloured sand into the glass.

Pour the sand in whichever order you want to create your own cute design. You can find coloured sand in ¥100 stores, craft stores, and SUNHOSEKI.

2.🍓Add ornaments & decorations

Place your decorations on top of the sand. We attached small decorations onto a coaster using a glue gun 🍄

💘3.Customise as you like!

You can use a straw to move the sand, creating unique designs.

🌟Decoration Inspiration🌟

Try decorating your glass with your favourite figures, or filling it with cute beads, marbles, fake sweets, and toys 😊💖

〜🍧 Parfait Style Sand Art 〜

Use fake sweets to create a parfait and cream sand glass 🍨


【Strawberry Parfait Sand Art (Left)】
Use yellow sand for the sponge, white sand for the cream, and red sand to create the strawberry icing! You could dd some strawberry stickers to the glass 🍓

【Strawberry Ice Cream (Right)】
Mix red sand with resin and transparent adhesive to create the ice cream, topping it off with a silicone cream decoration!🍦🍓

Since this was super easy, try checking out our other tutorials 🐇💖




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