Aesthetic Chocolate 💘Happy Valentines From Ginza🍫

ENGLISH  2018.01.19

Aesthetic Chocolate 💘Happy Valentines From Ginza🍫

“Happy Valentines” from Maronie Gate Ginza 2&3~



Maronie Gate Ginza 2 & 3 (formerly Plantin Ginza) 💖
There will be 13 stores available to find Valentines chocolates at the special event venue located on the first floor❣🍫
From specialist brands to budget-friendly chocolates, there are all kinds of chocolates to gift to your Valentine, friends, and even yourself..!💘

New HUGO&VICTOR x Mizumori Ado Collaboration Character Chocolates!


“La vie en rose” / ï¿¥3,024 / 6 Pieces
They were inspired by the classic “La vie en rose” 💘
The retro French-style packaging is so cute! 😍💕

◆Mon Lulu

“Moonlight Can” / ï¿¥1,080 / 7 Pieces
These super cute chocolates feature illustrations by Mizumori Ado 🐱❤
The colourful 3D chocolate is so gorgeous, you should try posting it on your Instagram👌


“Heart Chocolat” / ï¿¥2,160 / 7 Pieces
“Chocolate Can” / ï¿¥1,890 / 100g

◆Stephan・Van du Paul


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“Van Du Paul Selection” / 6 Pieces / ï¿¥2,376 / 6 Pieces

◆Pros and Cons

“Chocolat Selection” / ï¿¥3,240 / 3 Pieces + 3 Nuts


Check out the Marronnier Gate Ginza 2&3 Official Website for more details♬🍫💫