New Pripara Series Coming Soon 💖 KirattoPuri☆Chan

ENGLISH  2018.01.24
New Pripara Series Coming Soon 💖 KirattoPuri☆Chan

♡A brand new series has been announced for the super popular anime, “PriPara”♡

A new series is coming from the creators of Pretty Rhythm and Pripara! 💖
“KirattoPuri☆Chan” will start broadcasting nationwide in April 2018, alongside the release of the renewed arcade game 🐻✨

💞New Anime “KirattoPuri☆Chan”❣️

“KirattoPuri☆Chan” will be shown on BS Japan from April 2018 💖

Singing, dancing, style, and friendship – These important themes won’t be forgotten in the upcoming Pripara series! You won’t be able to take your eyes off of the new & evolved Pretty Rhythm❣️✨

【Puri☆Chan! Synopsis】

A dream channel where anybody can become an idol, “Puri☆Chan” 🍒💕
In the Puri☆Chan world, even companies and celebrities are using the “Puri☆Chan System”.
Momoyama Mirai (CV: Hayashi Koko), a warmhearted but shy girl and her childhood friend, Emoi, aka Emogi Moe (CV: Kubota Miyu), are both aiming to become super popular Puri☆Chan idols…✨

💖Momoyama Mirai  / CV: Hayashi Koko


The new series “KirattoPuri☆Chan” will be broadcasting on TV Tokyo and BS Japan from April onwards!

💝Arcade Game Renewal…💓

The new “KirattoPuri☆Chan” arcade machines will be available to play from April 2018
The new machines will be introducing two new systems; “FollowTickets” and “KirattoPrint” ♡

【FollowTicket System】

The popular “Tomoticket” system has had a power-up!

You can exchange “FollowTickets” with your friends to connect your characters, allowing you to follow each other and exchange “Likes★” ♡

【KirattoPrint System】

If the “Kiratto Button” begins to glow in 7 colours while you play, you’ll receive a “Kiraticket” ✨


We’re so excited for this new project…!💖
Make sure to check the official site for details~✨💞