Yumekawa Maid Cafe 💘 MyMelody x @HomeCafe 🐰🎀

ENGLISH  2018.01.21

Yumekawa Maid Cafe 💘 MyMelody x @HomeCafe 🐰🎀

New Collaboration! My Melody x ï¼ HomeCafe 💘

In February the super popular Akihabara maid cafe “@HomeCafe” will be collaborating with My Melody

There will be an original menu and of course, limited edition goods!💝✨ The maid cafe will be decked out with MyMelo themed decor and themed food 😆💕

■Original Menu

My Melody Moe Moe♡Pink Curry ¥1,300

Piano Illustration Crepe ~Picnic Style~  ¥1,200

Garden Stroll With Piano Cake~  ¥900

Love? Hate? Kuromi’s Tsundere Parfait   ¥1,000

There are even MyMelo themed drinks featured on this irresistibly kawaii menu..! 🎀✨

■Guests Present

You will receive one of two types of limited edition lunch mat with your order❣😘

You will also receive one of three types of original coasters when you order a drink 🎁✨

■Collab Cafe Details

Dates: 2018/02/01 ~ 03/31
Location: @HomeCafe 5th Floor
Address: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Sotokanda, 1-11-4, Mitsubawa Building 5th Floor
Phone: 03-5207-9779
Opening Hours: (Weekdays) 11:00~22:00  (Weekends) 10:00~22:00 ※L/O 21:20
Closed: Thursdays (Except 2/01)
For more details check the official HP 💞🎀
・Official Site http://www.cafe-athome.com/
・Twitter https://twitter.com/athome_cafe
・Facebook https://www.facebook.com/at.homecafe.jp

My Melody
Official HP  https://www.sanrio.co.jp/character/mymelody/