Elegant & Sexy💋 Ofero Girly Brand Roundup

❤︎Ofero Brands❤︎

Today we’ll introduce you to some of the most popular Mature&Girly, aka “Ofero” fashion brands💋🌹With all kinds of elegant & sexy items, why not try becoming an ‘Ofero’ girl? 😊🛁💄

(♡ E hyphen world gallery BonBon ♡)

Hyphen World Gallery BonBon is a brand produced by popular model Nakamura Risa (@RISA_DOLL)💋 Their “Nouvelle Girly” themed items are delicate and feminine 🌹


(♡ lilLilly ♡)

lilLilly is a classical and sweet clothing brand that has a vintage style icon image 💎 They also have an accessory sub-brand named LILICIOUS 💘



(♡ Memnon ♡)

Memnon is an accessory brand known for it’s love letter themed goods 💌You’ll feel sugary sweet wearing their girly products 💘💋



Memnon Tokyoさん(@memnon_tokyo)がシェアした投稿

(♡ Rosarymoon ♡)

Rosarymoon is an Ofero girly brand selling soft and natural fashion items 💘 Their items are stocked by “acutegrrrl” in Shinjuku🌹




(♡ the Little Vicious ♡)

the Little Vicious designer Reina creates sweet and delicate lingerie with a dangerous edge 💋💕 She makes both accessories and fashion items 👗

(♡ the Virgins ♡)

the Virgins was established in 2013 by Harumi and Kyon 💕You can find their items at “acute grrrl” in Shinjuku Isetan🌹



(♡ the Virgin Mary ♡)

the Virgin Mary (formerly CULT PARTY) is a vintage store based in Koenji 🌹💋 You can find dainty and flowing women’s clothing instore🌛



(♡ Vannie TOKYO ♡)

Vannie TOKYO was launched by fashion designer ERIKA (@eriparaq) in Laforet, Harajuku’s famous shopping mall 🐰💘Their pink items will make your heart skip a beat 💌