Yumekawa💖Sailor Moon Key Toppers & Coin Case✨

ENGLISH  2018.01.14

Yumekawa💖Sailor Moon Key Topper & Coin Case✨

Check out these brand new Sailor Moon keycaps and purses!♡

The handmade leather brand “OJAGADESIGN” is collaborating with Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon ✨💖

The Sailor Senshi’s transformation items have been turned into unique key toppers, while the Crystal Star Compact and Luna the magical cat have been turned into a coin case! They will be available to reserve on the official Premium Bandai store from the 16th of January 😍💕

🦄Yumekawa items with a Sailor Senshi twist…✨ 🌙

💜Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon×OJAGADESIGN Collab Key Topper💖
Price: Each ï¿¥5400 (Excl. Postage)
Designs: Sailor Moon/Sailor Mercury/Sailor Mars/Sailor Jupiter/Sailor Venus
Reservation Start Date: 01/16 at 1pm JST


There are five different key topper designs💜✨

While they can obviously be used as regular key topper, you could also attach them to your bag as a key ring!💕

💜Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon×OJAGADESIGN Collab Coin Case💖
Price: ¥15,120 (Excl. Postage)
Designs: Crystal Star Compact/Luna
Reservation Start Date:01/16 at 1pm JST

These detailed purses feature the iconic Crystal Star Compact and Luna the cat ✨☪

You could use the purse to hold small accessories, or you could display it in your room! It’s too cute to be hidden away, right? ◎💖

Try becoming a real- life magical girl with these dreamy items~💕🦄

Get yours here 💝💓