Super Detailed 💘 Transform With Uranus & Neptune’s Lip Rod💄✨

ENGLISH  2018.02.3

 Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune’s “Transformation Lip Rods” are here!

You can now own a full-size replica of the popular Sailor Senshi, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune‘s transformation item, the Lip Rod 💘✨
The “PROPLICA Transformation Lip Rod Sailor Uranus & Transformation Lip Rod Sailor Neptune” (ï¿¥16,000) set will be out for reservation on the 2nd of February at 1pm JST❣️

It features the mirror shown in the anime, as well as light✨ & voice🎤 gimmicks! 😍
It really feels like you could perform a special move with these..🌟✨

Plus❣️ The voice actors of Sailor Uranus (Ogata Megumi) and Sailor Neptune (Katsuki Masako) have recorded new phrases especially for this release! 😳
It uses the original BGM so you can reproduce your favourite Sailor Moon scenes..!😍💘

The rods have been plated for a beautiful finish 💝
You can attach the bases for an impressive display! 🤗💕
You will be able to buy the items separately (eachï¿¥8,100) at the same time as the set is released🎵

🎀Item Details🎀

🎀Item Page:

🎀Bandai Official Webshop:「Premium Bandai」

🎀Reservation Period: 2018/02/02 from 1pm JST
       ※The end date will be announced later on the sales page.

🎀PROPLICA Official HP :

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