💋 Akachuchi Mimu’s Makeup Collection 💋

 🎀 #2: Fluffy Winter Bunny Makeup

Hello everybody!
I’m Akaguchi Mimu, an illustrator💕

Today I’ll show you how to do “Fluffy Winter Bunny Makeup” 💗


The main colour is “Purpleish Pink”

This is how your makeup should look when you’re done✨
This kind of makeup can be cute using red tones, but today we’ll be using pink for our bunny look!
If you use a purple-based pink for your eye and lip makeup, your skin will look fair and gorgeous 💕

If you place them side by side, doesn’t the pink makeup on the left look fairer?
Pair this makeup with white fur and knitted items to become a snowy white bunny💓

First I’ll show you how to do the eye makeup, which is the most important aspect of this look! 💖


Eye Makeup

For your eyeliner, you want a round, droopy eye look 💖
Use a brown eyeliner and extend the line slightly beyond your natural eyeline!

Apply a coral pink shade that blends in with your natural skin tone to your tear bag!
Above that, apply a purpleish pink blusher from your pupil to your cheeks💗

If you feel like you look more ill with the blusher, you may be applying too much!
Close your eyes and draw a circle on your cheeks for a healthy looking, well-balanced look 😊

If you’re aiming for a doll-like face, try wearing false eyelashes!
Use brown eyelashes to keep your makeup from looking too dark 😉


Before & After

The illustration on the left is the before, while the right image is how you should look now ✨
The round eyeliner and blusher creates a soft, bunny-like atmosphere! If you want to look even cuter, try wearing black circle lenses 💗


Fluffy Winter Bunny Makeup: Recap

 🎀 Purple based makeup for fairer skin
 🎀 Blusher same width as eyes

What did you think of this pink bunny makeup?
While the winter days may be hard, by wearing cute makeup and stylish clothing you’ll find yourself feeling a little happier 💕

I’ll see you again next time 💋


Akaguchi Mimu
Girls fashion illustrator.
A yumekawaii and girly illustrator with the concept of “Still within a dream.” Their drawings represent a girls desire to be cute.
Using dreamy colours and fashionable clothing, their illustrations have become popular with girls in their teens and twenties.
Twitter: @baby_gumi
Instagram: @akagumichan


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