New “Hugtto! PreCure” themed character cakes


Check out these new character deco cakes based on the brand new series, HUGrto! Precure 🌟
It features the PreHeart used in transformation scenes, alongside Hugtan, the mysterious baby who fell from the skies 🎵


The Preheart is actually a fully functioning sliding mirror
It can even be attached to a key chain 🤗💕



Charadeco have also added a Precure filter to their Charadeco Surprise Picture app 💘
If you focus the camera on the cake box, the 3 Precure will appear!✨
You can create your own unique photo with the Precure filter 💝

■Hinamatsuri Reservation Campaign

If you reserve your cake between the 1st and 18th of February, you will be entered in a prize draw to win one of 30 limited editioncboxes of  Precure chocolates 🎁

You could eat them as a snack or use them to decorate your Precure cake💕


・Item Name:CharaDeco Celebration Cake HUGtto! Precure
       ( )
・Price:¥3,780 (incl. tax) (excl. postage)
・Age Warning:For ages 3 and over
・Set Contents:Cake (Approx 15cm diameter)…1
         Cake Box…1
         Side Film…1
         Chocolate Plate (w/ Transfer Sheet)…1
         Candle (x10)
       ※You can apply a custom message to the chocolate plate using the transfer sheet.
       ※Delivered frozen.
・Where to Purchase:Bandai Official Shopping Site (Premium Bandai)
       ( )
・Sales Period:2018/02/01 from 1pm / Reservations Open
                            2018/02/18 from 11pm / Reservations Close
・Delivery:Late February 2018