#2 PINK Tokimeku…💗 Takeout Too! PINK Drink Report

ENGLISH  2018.01.2

In the end, pink is the best~♡TOKYO PINK DRINK COLLECTION♡


Hello, Nemuneru here🎀
Today’s feature will be on PINK drinks you’ll want to have everyday 🍹
Perhaps your favourite drink spot will appear~ 👀❤



First we have a cafe from a certain fashion brand 💋
The HONEY MI HONEY CAFE can be found next door to the HONEY MI HONEY store, and is home to their tasty strawberry smoothie🍓🍨


If you want to use the cafe you will need a reservation, so make sure to check their official website for details💨





Next is the LA-born ALFRED TEA ROOM💞
Their milk tea is made from carefully selected tea leaves and squishy tapioca balls..!!
The store and drink are both pink!◎It’s super photogenic, right?📷❤

❤Official HP❤https://www.alfredtea.com


♡Tea Stand 7♡


This tea stand is hidden inside a Dagaya Sandwich store but has become a secret boom among Instagram girls ☕
Tea Stand 7 is an exciting tea stand, popular for it’s reasonable prices and varying flavoured teas 💗

Their “Kōcha ōji flavoured tea” changes flavour every month, so make sure to try it while you can..!
Their heart-catching cup designs are so cute, you’ll want to upload a picture to your social media 💋

❤Official HP❤https://ja-jp.facebook.com/Tea-Stand-7-nana-338929063161490/


What did you think?🐰

Today I introduced you to 3 pink cafes to get your energy up!💗💗
I hope this article was helpful, whether you’ve already visited, or you’ve read this and thought “I want to gooo!!” Let’s relax and reward ourselves with a pink drink..! 😍 

Thank you for reading until the end! 😊
You’ll look super stylish this winter with your pink drink in one hand…!👗👠

What kind of sweets shall we look at next time?~

Look forwards to the next instalment 🍰💞

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