Free To Use ✨ Lafary Original Yumekawa Photo Stamps 💖

ENGLISH  2018.02.22

Make your photos cuter..! 💖

Yumekawaii photo stamps 💖

We’ve created these adorable yumekawaii stamps for you to use while editing your photos! 🎀
Press and hold to save the photos, then add them to your pics 💕🐻

(Feel free to use them however you like 💓)
※Do not redistribute. Commercial use prohibited.

Yumekawa Fuwafuwa Set

 💓 Example

 💓 Save as is

 💓 Save individually


Yumekawa Party Set

 💓 Example

 💓 Save as is

 💓 Save individually



Did you find a stamp you want to use? 😍
If you use the stamps, make sure to tag us using #lafary so that we can see your adorable pictures💕
We might retweet or regram your pictures onto our official SNS..! 🐻💗