♡A4 Size Bag Roundup ♡

You can’t go out without your bag…! 👜


Your day will become more cheerful if you carry your favourite bag 💞

Whether it’s commuting or school, you want a cute bag
But it’s so hard to find one with plenty of space
That’s the usual struggle, right? 💖

Cuteness and storage space❣
Today we’ll be introducing you to the brands whose cute A4 size bags provide sufficient space for commuting or school 💗

merry jenny

merry jenny‘s Daydream tote is super frilly 🎀
Your days will become more fun with this girly bag which is perfect for Spring 💕👠

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W♡C rucksack is so cute..!💓
The rucksack has plenty of space and even has a side pocket for storing your water bottle✨💗

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Honey Cinnamon

This logo tote is a must-have for Honey Cinnamon fans…💓
Your eyes are instantly drawn to the large Honey Cinnamon logo✨
The heart print is perfect for girly-girls 💝💕

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one after another NICE CLAUP

This adorable bag is new to NICE CLAUP 💗
It comes with a handy pass case…💖💜

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Nile Perch offers a variety of yumekawaii printed tote bags…💞
You can choose between twin rabbits, a pink bunny, or a bear print 🐰🐻
You could even buy the matching t-shirt for a cute matching coordinate 💖


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This boston bag from MILK has an large heart MILK in the centre 💘
It has plenty of space and even has a front pocket! 💖

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This girly ribbon decoration tote is available at WEGO! 🎀
You can show off your favourite items thanks to the see-through window ✨💖
The inside tote can be removed, meaning you can use it in 2 ways 🐰

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What did you think? 🐻

This super cute bags will make your daily outings more exciting! 💓

※Please note that listed items may sell out without notice.


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