2018 Spring Kawaii Gingham Items 🌸[Dresses/Skirt/Pants]

ENGLISH  2018.03.3

Don’t you want to wear gingham this spring?♪

These items are perfect for Spring♡ We’ve rounded up the cutest gingham items from Japanese girly brands 🌸


100% Girly 💝 These new items from LIZLISA come in fresh, Spring colours💗🤗

Official HP : https://www.lizlisa.com/
Webstore HP : https://www.tokyokawaiilife.jp/


Natural & Kawaii 💘 This eye-catching setup is so cute🌸✨

Official HP : http://crisp-go.com/
Webstore HP : http://crisp-onlineshop.com/


These will tickle any girly-girls heart…❤😍 You’ll look like a doll in these spring coordinates♪

Webstore HP : https://www.amavel.jp/

🎀E hyphen BonBon🎀

This frilled dress is beyond cute 💕 It goes perfectly with the frilly tote bag 💝💫

Official HP : http://www.ehyphen-bonbon.jp/
Webstore HP : https://stripe-club.com/bonbon/

🎀Honey Cinnamon🎀

Do you prefer pastel gingham? 💛 Or perhaps a more vivid shade? 🧡

Official HP : http://honeycinnamon.jp/
Webshop HP : https://honeycinnamon-webshop.com/


Embroidery, lace, and ribbons… These spring-coloured dresses have everything! 😍💕

Official HP : http://www.est-s.co.jp/
Webstore HP : http://www.secrethoney.jp/