Adult Kawaii😍 Sailor Moon Meets Shinjuku ISETAN!

ENGLISH  2018.03.3

Sailor Moon has appeared in Shinjuku Isetan!オトナの乙女心をくすぐる♡セーラームーン×大人気ブランドコラボ


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is collaborating with some of the biggest beauty brands for a limited time only 🎵💫
They’ll be producing brand new, original items with Samantha Vega,Samantha Thavasa Petit ChoiceSamantha TiaraANNA SUInarue alongside PAMEO POSE, Valfre, and NEW ERA

We’ll introduce you to some of the new items🤗✨


<Moon Stick Pierce>
<Cutie Moon Rod Pierce>
<Spiral Heart Moon Rod Pierce>
<Kaleido Moon Scope Pierce>
These piercings all feature the Sailor Senshi transformation items💕
They give off a mature atmosphere, embellished with luxurious gemstones 🧡❤
There are also earrings available🌟

<Cosmic Heart Compact Pierce>
This pierce is features the Cosmic Heart Compact 💫🌌
It’s made with a pearly marble pink acrylic with ruffled aurora frills for a dramatic appearance! 😍💕
The embedded jewels add an elegant shine…✨
There are earrings available too♪


There are tons more original items available💫
Make sure to check the details❣😘

Exhibition Details
Location:ISETAN Shinjuku
Main Building 2F= Centre Park/The・Stage#2, East Park/Promotion
Main Building 3F=Centre Park/Promotion
Location:Dai Nagoya Building ISETAN HAUS, B1F Concept Shop/Women’s shoes
Location:LUCUA 1100 4F ISETAN Closet

Official HP🧡
ISETAN Online Item Page:
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Project Official Site: