🎀Hello Kitty vs Kabuki 🐱 New Sanrio Musical 💖

ENGLISH  2018.03.5

♡The new Sanrio Puroland musical theme has been decided!♡


Amazingly, the upcoming musical will be Kabuki themed!

Sanrio Puroland will be collaborating with Shōchiku, a Kabuki movie company 🌸🐱

The new “Kabuki” themed performance, “KAWAII KABUKI ~Hello Kitty-za’s Momotaro”, will be held at the Puroland Indoor Märchen Theatre from March 10th 💖
This impressive kabuki performance will be written by screenwriter & director Yokochi Kensuke, with Izusaburo Ichikawa supporting the actors💕

The ogre will be played by BAD BADTZ-MARU, while Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, and Dear Daniel will be helping Hello Kitty, who will be staring as Momotaro, deafest the evil ogre 💘
You can’t miss out on this amazing KAWAII KABUKI performance, starring your favourite Sanrio characters💕


💖Event Information💜

♡Starting Date:2018/03/10 (End date undecided)
♡Performance Location:Sanrio Puroland Inner Märchen Theatre
♡Running Time:1 Hour, 40 Minutes
♡Cast Lineup:Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, Dear Daniel, BAD BADTZ-MARU
♡Special Video Guest:Kabuki Nyantarou
♡Voice Guest:Nakamura Shidō
♡Video Appearence:Minosuke Bandô

For more information, check out the official site💗