Dreamy Summer Style!❤️Honey Cinnamon Summer Exhibition🍒

ENGLISH  2018.03.24

🐻Honey Cinnamon Summer Collection 2018🐰


We attended the 2018 Summer Collection Exhibition of Kanako Hiramitsu’s girly brand, Honey Cinnamon 

The latest girly and sweet collection is based on the concept of an “Eternal Girl” 🐻 Let’s check out the new products! 🔑


🐻 A girly-style summer staple! Classic blouses ❤


This 100% girly blouse features a large collar and dainty frills ❤
It’s a versatile item that can be worn in all kinds of coordinates, from denim-casual to fluffy-girly 🐰💕

🍒A Girls Favourite! Ribbons & Cherries🐻


The new series features cherry prints and lavender items – totally on-trend! 💜🍒
Honey Cinnamon’s sweet and dainty clothing will leave your heart racing…🐻

🌹Power up this summer with Honey Cinnamon’s swimwear


Honey Cinnamon have unveiled their first ever swimwear line 🍒
The swimwear features sweet polka dots and puff sleeves for an iconic Honey Cinnamon look ❤
Why not twin with your friend at the pool 🍧


The causal logo hats and bear goods are so cute ❤

Did you know that Kanakana is graduating from Honey Cinnamon?🐻💐

This series was Kanako Hiramitsu’s final collection as the producer of Honey Cinnamon, as she’s graduating from her current position 💐🐻 We’re looking excited to see what she does in the future!🐰💕

🐻Check out Honey Cinnamon’s official SNS





We can’t wait to wear the new collection this Summer!🐻❤
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