❤︎Animal Omikuji?❤︎

When you visit the shrine, it’s tradition to recieve an Omikuji (fortune slip) ⛩
Omikuji are normally quite basic, but did you know you can get animal shaped Omikuji? 💘
Today we’ll be introducing you to kawaii and photogenic and kawaii animal themed Omikuji that you’ll definitely want to take photos of!

Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine【Saitama・Kawagoe】


You can enjoy a taste of Edo in Kawaguchi, Saitama 💗
In Kawaguchi’s Hikawa Shrine, you can find these adorable fish shaped Romance Omikuji…🐟💗


At the shrine, you have to catch your fortune using a tiny fishing rod..! ⛩💗
There are both pink and red koi shaped Omikuji available to catch 🐟🌟

1 fortune costs ¥300, and you can take your fish home afterwards 💗💋

💌Saitama, Kawagoe-shi, Miyashita-cho, 2-11-3

Hatonomori Hachiman Shrine【Tokyo・Sendagaya】


Hatonomori Shrine is only a 5 minute walk from Sendagaya station 🐦💗
Their sweet bird shaped Omikuji look great tied to the trees 💝


Their bird shaped protection charms (Omamori) are super cute…! 💌💕

💌 Tokyo, Shibuya, Sendagaya, 1-1-24

Ujigami Shrine【Kyoto・Uji】


If you visit Ujigami Shrine in Uji, Kyoto, you’ll find these candy coloured Bunny Omikuji!🐰💕
Even though they’re Omikuji, we can’t help but want to collect them in all 4 colours… 💘

💌Kyoto, Uji, Ujiyamada 59

Discover your destiny with kawaii Omikuji♡!!

You can enjoy both the appearance and content of your animal Omikuji 🐰🐟💘
Pulling your fortune has become even more exciting♫

If you want your own kawaii Omikuji then make sure to visit one of these shrines 🐻💕