Eat Like A Mermaid At This Sea Themed Sweets Buffet 💙🐟

ENGLISH  2018.04.3

♡Enjoy a sweets party at Princess Mermaid♡

VINO BUONO and Aoyama Saint Grace Cathedral have collaborated to bring you Princess Mermaid’s Sweets Party, a limited-time sweets buffet which will be open from May until August 💙🐚

The menu is mermaid themed! 🐳

The Princess Mermaid’s Sweets Party is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, The Little Mermaid. The cafe has been designed to look like it’s being held inside a mermaids castle 💙🐟

These photogenic cupcakes come in a variety of flavours…

These cupcakes are based on coral while the surrounding desserts are all designed to look like they’ve come straight from the ocean! 💙🐬

The sweets come in so many cute colours – any photo will look gorgeous! 💙

Your SNS will shine with pictures of this wonderful undersea world 💘
Why not visit and try these delicious desserts for yourself..? 💙⛱

『Princess Mermaid’s Sweets Party』
Opening Dates: 2018/05/15, 05/22
        06/05, 06/24
        07/08, 07/24
             ※Opening times depend on visiting date- check the official website for more details
Cost:  Dessert Buffet Adults: ¥3,920/Children: ¥1,960
     Dinner Buffer  Adults: ¥5,000/Children: ¥2,500 *All Tax Included
Location: Aoyama Saint Grace Cathedral Inner Guest House

The Princess Mermaid’s Sweets Party will be held at 5 locations nationwide alongside Aoyama Saint Grace Cathedral 💙 For detailed information, check out the official homepage 🐰🐟