Draw Cute Ribbons In 1 Minute 💕 10 Styles To Try

ENGLISH  2018.03.28

I want to draw cute ribbons..! 🎀

Perfect for notes or group message cards! We’ll show you how to draw a wide variety of cute and stylish ribbons 💗
We’ve created these easy-to-understand GIFs which will help even the most inexperienced artists ✨


Thin Hair Ribbon

↓How To Draw↓

This simple ribbon is ideal for using as an emoji 💕


Neat Ribbon

↓How To Draw↓

This ribbon is full of impact! Drawing it freehand leaves a stronger impression💡


Floaty Ribbon

↓How To Draw↓

It’s a rounder, plumper version of the previous ribbon! The wavy lines and larger bow creates a soft impression  💗


Medium Ribbon

↓How To Draw↓

Your ribbon will have a high-quality feeling if you add a third dimension ✨


Narrow Ribbon

↓How To Draw↓

We recommend this type of ribbon if you want to draw a mature and girly illustration 💗


Double-Layer Ribbon

↓How To Draw↓

This double-layer ribbon looks so soft ✨
Try using a different colour for each ribbon 😊


Double Bow

↓How To Draw↓

When you’re layering thin ribbons, try changing the direction of the lower ribbon compared to the top for a sense of volume 💗


Ribbon Banner

↓How To Draw↓

These ribbons can be used for titles or eyecatches 💓 


Wrapping Ribbon

↓How To Draw↓

Drawing this twirly curled ribbon becomes super easy once you know how it’s done 🎵


Present Ribbon

↓How To Draw↓

If you want increase the size of your bow, make sure to extend the fluttering part to balance it out 🎀


(Bonus)Lafary Ribbon

↓How To Draw↓

That was our ribbon drawing tutorial 😋
“Kawaii” is connected with the ribbon, and becomes a big circle! That’s what our logo is based on 💕


You can draw all kinds of cute ribbons!

Try changing the length, size, design… Find your favourite  ✨
We hope you to refer to this article the next time you’re drawing! 💕