New Q-pot CAFE. Opens In Omotesando, Tokyo🍫🍪

ENGLISH  2018.04.22

Q-pot CAFE. in Omotesando NOW OPEN♪

お菓子の家に迷い込んだみたい!あのQ-pot CAFE.が表参道にやってきた

Step into a wonderful candy coloured world…🍰💕

お菓子の家に迷い込んだみたい!あのQ-pot CAFE.が表参道にやってきた
The Q-pot CAFE. has been reborn with this new store, even cuter and more photogenic than before✨

お菓子の家に迷い込んだみたい!あのQ-pot CAFE.が表参道にやってきた

Everywhere you look is kawaii..! ❤ Wouldn’t you like to enjoy some sweets in such an adorable atmosphere?🤗💗

お菓子の家に迷い込んだみたい!あのQ-pot CAFE.が表参道にやってきた お菓子の家に迷い込んだみたい!あのQ-pot CAFE.が表参道にやってきた

In addition to the chocolate and marshmallow themed rooms, the first floor cafe 1F has not only opened a Japanese-style room covered in sakura… 🌸

お菓子の家に迷い込んだみたい!あのQ-pot CAFE.が表参道にやってきた

But also an American Diner themed room, complete with tasty looking cheese furniture ✨
Make sure to visit the new areas!!🎵😆

🍰New Menu Introduction🍰

Everyone will want to taste this dreamy strawberries and whipped cream parfait.
With just one bite, you’ll have melted into happiness…💗
Melty Parfait Whip Strawberry/Drink set  ¥1,850 

This gorgeous chocolate cake is served on a plate featuring an elegant lady who seems to be wearing your dessert as jewellery!💖
Q-pot.’s irresistibly tasty original chocolate is a must-try for any chocoholic 😍🍫

The Chocolate Cake Necklace Plate/Drink set   ¥1,390

Modelled on the hand of a beautiful illustrated lady is the luxurious “Macaron Ring Plate” 💕
You can add the necklace or seasonal plates to your order for only ¥400 per item ❤
You can most certainly enjoy a photogenic teatime with this set.
Berry Macaron Necklace Plate/Drink set ¥1,390
Macaron Ring Plate(Strawberry/Melon/Lemon/Chocolate) Each ¥400

🍰Take Out Items

Q-pot.’s ever popular MILK Meringue Accessory has become a real dessert!
The Stardust of the Milky Way (whipped cream meringue) has been packed in a MILK (NEW)LABO carton.
This milky meringue is sweet, crunchy, and fluffy – You won’t want to stop!
MILK Meringue(Q-pot. Omotesando Limited)¥864

🍰Limited Seasonal Menu🍰

04/07 and 05/06
The Japanese atmosphere of the newly built Wa room goes perfectly with the new sakura menu 😍🌸

~Seasonal Menu “SAKURA Mont Blanc”~
SAKURA Mont Blanc Plate w/ Drink ¥2,060 / Single cake to take out ¥680
This seasonal mont blanc is wrapped in sakura bean paste cream, marron cream, and matcha raw chocolate. It brings together the Japanese flavours of sakura, matcha, and chestnut 💗🎀 There are crispy sakura meringue’s blooming on the branches ✨🌸✨

~Seasonal Menu “SAKURA Tea Latte”~
Sakura Tea Latte (HOT/ICE) Each ¥750
Q-pot CAFE. original black tea “Early Bright” is combined with the elegant scent of cherry blossoms and the sweet and sour taste of strawberries 🌸🍓The mellowness of the fluffy fresh cream adds to this collection of gentle flavours..💘

~Seasonal Menu “Afternoon Tea Set”~

1 Person w/ drink  ¥2,400
※Limited from 04/07 until 04~27
You can order this afternoon tea on weekdays, weekends, and holidays 💗
The platter is full of Japanese sweets and western cuisine including sandwiches, so it’s perfect for anybody who wants a proper lunch 💛🧡


お菓子の家に迷い込んだみたい!あのQ-pot CAFE.が表参道にやってきた お菓子の家に迷い込んだみたい!あのQ-pot CAFE.が表参道にやってきた

The 2nd floor has become an accessory store with a unique lab theme 💗🍒

This detailed and photogenic area is covered in adorable dessert-themed accessories 🎀

🍰3F Q-pot. MUSEUM🍰

お菓子の家に迷い込んだみたい!あのQ-pot CAFE.が表参道にやってきた

You can study the history of Q-pot.’s accessories at the “Q-pot. MUSEUM” and view conceptual collections including “Fossil・Ore”&“Amber Sugar” 💕 The accessories found here are gorgeous💎✨
You will find clothing and letter sets alongside their iconic accessories 👗💌

お菓子の家に迷い込んだみたい!あのQ-pot CAFE.が表参道にやってきた

This photo spot is covered in mushrooms…🎵

お菓子の家に迷い込んだみたい!あのQ-pot CAFE.が表参道にやってきた

Plus❣The staircase between the second and third floor is super cute 😳

お菓子の家に迷い込んだみたい!あのQ-pot CAFE.が表参道にやってきた お菓子の家に迷い込んだみたい!あのQ-pot CAFE.が表参道にやってきた

The photogenic wall is 100% Instagrammable 🎵👌✨
If you look closely, the books on the wall are all related to the accessories produced by Q-pot. and is so detailed you could spend forever looking for new aspects 🧡

🍰Q-pot CAFE.’s Playful Heart ♡🍰

お菓子の家に迷い込んだみたい!あのQ-pot CAFE.が表参道にやってきた

Q-chan the mouse has moved from the previous Q-pot CAFE. too🎵🐭

Try and look for him in the cafe 💝

お菓子の家に迷い込んだみたい!あのQ-pot CAFE.が表参道にやってきた

Q-chan has even nibbled holes around the walls..!! Make sure to take a peek in every nook and cranny 💖

お菓子の家に迷い込んだみたい!あのQ-pot CAFE.が表参道にやってきた

At the entrance is Q-pot Omotesando’s trademark cow, the Mother of Sweets 🐄 She even has a cute ♡ mark on her butt..🧡❤ Maybe you’ll be blessed if you rub the mark..? 🙌🌟

You can also purchase an Ema (¥500) to write your wish on and hang up…💓🍼

It isn’t “Dreams Come True” but “Dreams COW True”! You can really feel Q-pot.’s playful heart 🐄💓

What did you think? 💓 Girls will love the kawaii sweets that have been gathered at the Q-pot CAFE. in Omotesando, so come and play♪🤗✨

🍰More informarion
【Q-pot. Omotesando Location】
Address:〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae, 3‐4‐8
Opening Hours:11:00~20:00 (Q-pot CAFE. L.O. 19:30)
Closures:New Years holiday年末年始

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